Some photos from past events


Aikido/Karate seminar


December 6th - We combined forces with Luton Aikido Club for a joint seminar.  It was an excellent event where we exchanged ideas and techniques. This was a fantastic end to our first year.











 Zanshin gradings


November 14th - Congratulations to all the students who graded.  Once again the standard was high and everyones hard work certainly paid off.











John Titchen scenario day


September 12th - We attended a self defence scenario training day. The course covered habitual acts of violence and attendees were kitted out in full body armour and head protection so we could act out and react to the different scenarios John set out for us. After playing out a few scenarios we viewed video recordings to see if we could have reacted differently.













 Iain Abernethy open seminar


June 7th - We headed off to Birmingham for an open seminar with Iain Abernethy. Topics covered were Heian Yondan and Hungetsu. This was also the first time training with Iain for a couple of our students and needless to say they were not dissapointed!!











February - Rory Miller seminar


February  28th - March 1st - Sensei Brian attended a two day seminar with Rory Miller. This was the first time Brian trained with Rory and was really impressed with his no nonsense approach to self protection. The seminar was also a little different to any Brian has attended before as it was held in a night club in Swindon which made the enviromental fighting very interesting to say the least.


An interesting concept from Doug Connell, the students that took part had a fantastic day.