At the start of 2015 Zanshin Karate Academy was formed by sensei Brian Bates 4th Dan.  He wanted a karate club that took the best elements from the traditional syllabus as he believes it promotes good values and is great for confidence, self discipline and fitness.  He also wanted a club that took a more pragmatic approach applying the basic techniques against habitual acts of violence rather than the standard karate versus karate you see in most shotokan clubs.  

High on our priorities as part of our training is kata practice, whilst learning the solo forms we also apply the techniques as close quarter partner drills, this is where Brian believes real karate is found.  Having trained with some of the countries top bunkai practitioners mixed with Brian's knowledge of locks and throws from his Aikijujutsu training kata application is never dull.


In addition to the traditional syllabus we also spend time focusing on impact work.  As a striking art, Brian feels it's very important to develop speed and power using focus pads and kick shields.